Prohibited Jurisdictions: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been sent a link to this page, it may be that we are ceasing to operate real money gaming platforms in the jurisdiction in which you are based. Please review the information below carefully, and should you have any further questions please visit the Help Center or contact Support.


Why can I no longer use your platform?

My account

What will happen to my account balance? What will happen to my tournament tickets and T-Money? What will happen to real money online poker tournaments that I was already registered for in the future?


What will happen to my StarsCoin?


How do I request a withdrawal? Can I transfer my funds to someone else?

Using our platforms again

If I move or I have moved, will I be able to use your services again? Can I use a VPN or IP randomizer to appear as though I am outside my country and use your services from within my country? If I do legitimately locate outside of a prohibited jurisdiction and have my location change processed, will my current account balance be available for use immediately? May I use your services if I am visiting a prohibited jurisdiction? May I play if I ordinarily live in one of the prohibited jurisdictions, but I am travelling internationally? Can I still play poker for play money? Can I still purchase play money poker chips?

Live Events

Can I still play in PokerStars live poker events? Will players who qualified online still be able to play in upcoming live events? Can players still buy in to sponsored live poker events using the remaining balance in their Stars Account?

Contact Support

If you have any further questions, please visit the Help Center or contact support.

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