Online Cashier Deposits and Withdrawals Information

Cashier Deposit and Withdrawal Frequently Asked Questions

Deposit questions

How do I make a deposit? I got charged for my deposit request but my funds are missing. What do I do? I made a mistake, how do I cancel my deposit? You rejected my credit / debit card deposit but my account was still charged. What do I do? Why is my credit card being declined, and what can I do?

Help making a deposit

I am having problems making a deposit. How do I get help? What deposit options do I have?

Depositing on your mobile device

Can I deposit real money on my mobile/tablet device? What deposit options can I use with the Mobile Cashier?

Withdrawal questions

How do I request a withdrawal? What are my withdrawal options? Why am I asked to provide my place of birth and citizenship information? Why am I not able to choose where my funds will be sent? Why am I unable to submit my request for a withdrawal? What are my withdrawal limits? What exchange rate will be used for my withdrawal? Why can I no longer see a withdrawal option I have previously used? How frequently can I withdraw my funds? I have a new Visa. How can I withdraw to it? How long will it take to process my withdrawal? Can I cancel my withdrawal? I have not received my withdrawal, what happens next? The payment method my withdrawal was sent to is closed/expired, where are my funds? Why is the amount I can withdraw less than my total balance?

Update/remove payment method details

The withdrawal method to which you are sending my funds to is no longer active or I no longer wish to use it, what do I do? I have a new eCheck account, how do I register it in the Cashier?

Deposit Limits

What are my deposit limits? Can I restrict my own deposit limits? How do I increase my purchase limits or remove my self-imposed deposit limits?

Returned transactions

Why was my deposit returned? I would like to settle my negative balance, how can I do this?


Is my money safe with you? How long will it take to receive a reply? I need to speak to someone in Payment Services department. What is your phone number?